What we do

Our studios have no boundaries—each of our areas of expertise is deeply interwoven with the others. We’ve built a studio based on sharing knowledge, because the best ideas flow between disciplines.

Concept Project Design

Architectural and interior design concept project design consultancy and 2D/3D drawing services.

Construction Application

Construction application services with expert professional teams.

Product Design

Product design and first-class production services for special needs.

Brand Building

Brand and venue identity creation services by professional teams.

Our process

How do we realize our projects?

FEINE, share a desire to stimulate a new and different way of experiencing space – beyond the structure. Architecture that evokes emotion, stimulates intellect, reflects qualities of life. Architecture which is in dialogue with context and engages people.


The first phase starts with our client informing us of their needs. According to these needs, a concept project based on our professional experience emerges. The concept project process, which starts with preliminary projects, reaches the final result.


The second stage of the process, the technical part, begins here. At this stage, the materials and architectural details selected in accordance with the concept project are completed with technical drawings. Cost and timelines are created for the project.

Construction Application Process

After the drawings and product/material selections are completed, we turn all the project details into reality in coordination with our expert construction application teams.

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